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Stilt Art & Entertainment is a uniquely interactive and visually stimulating company which has the capability of designing and creating characters, costumes, acts and programs specifically tailored to fit your show, themed event, party or meeting. Our characters make any space an exciting and inspiring environment. From ambiance to focal point, Silt Art & Entertainment has captured the attention of audiences around the globe.
In the past, Stilt Art & Entertainment has taken on many different ventures which makes this highly versatile company a valuable find. The countless creative hats we have worn include: festival shows, team management building seminars, costume designing, mask creations, props and performers as well as circus skill instructors. Whatever your needs, Stilt Art & Entertainment satisfies with excitement, invigorating energy and a highly productive professionalism that every client seeks.

Stilt Art & Entertainment is owned and operated by David and Tonya DeDera. These seasoned veterans of the circus share a common goal; supplying professional artists, innovative characters and creative visuals that mold perfectly to their clients needs. Our work credo is a simple one; “Every gig no matter how big, is opening night at the circus”.
Some of the more popular concepts Stilt Art & Entertainment accommodates include: Cirque Style, Mardi Gras, Venetian, American Circus, Alien and Holiday. However, there is no concept too silly, no request too bizarre and no event too outrageous for Stilt Art & Entertainment.

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